Radioactive Spacewitch

by Hunting&Gathering

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Back with the third demo, which I actually recorded just last night. I’d like to thank the OSN guys for posting those Necronomicon ebooks, most of the vocals from this track is me reciting and whispering from those. Astaroth once said he misses the vocals from In Cripta, so I hope this will please you, my Portuguese overlord. The whole song is rather In Cripta-ish as well, so yeah.

Not much to say about this demo. It’s about an alien witch who has been travelling the Cosmos for aeons until one fateful year when it reaches the planet Earth and its primitive simian inhabitants, who, due to a severe lack of lead clothing and underground shelters, develop extremely aggressive cancer and die because of the harmful radiations spewed forth by the space witch. After this most despicable deed, the Radioactive Spacewitch blasts off to outer space again, eager to contaminate more planets with its melanoma-inducing rays. How many more primitive civilisations will perish until the Spacewitch itself will finally be slain by the mutant tumor developing inside its bowels?


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Hunting&Gathering Romania

Ambient / Sci-Fi / Drone / Procedural

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